What will come into our lives with 5G?

What will come into our lives with 5G?

What will 5G bring?

The 5G is not far away and it is exciting even to think about the opportunities it will offer. This technology, which will move the brand, technology, and innovation universe out of the way will lead to very important changes in topics such as the Internet speed, inter-machine communication, and the dominance over consumers.

The brands’ hope is to be able to benefit 5G in many different areas from autonomous cars to smart cities and virtual store experiences over the next 10 years. The arrival of 5G may mean faster internet delivery to rural areas. Or it could end the digital pushpin shared between Google and Facebook by equipping the telecom companies with unique advertising data. Experts say that nothing that is not mobile will not be in our lives anymore. Some experts say that the entire economic system will go through a process of change with the arrival of 5G.

Wearable technologies were just around the corner when the 4G interface joined in our lies, and “uber” was only a sweet way of expressing the “extreme”. Before 5G, no one had predicted that 5G might be a great revolution. However, now we can imagine how this technology could be with connected devices, wearable technologies living on big data, driverless vehicles, and advanced VR/AR capabilities.

Most people are familiar with the concept of “bandwidth” that internet providers harp on. However, an important aspect of the subject is latency, which is the waiting period for the two devices to talk to each other. This waiting period is 4 milliseconds for 5G technology. At 4G, we had seen this as 30-60 milliseconds.

At the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona last month, opinions were shared about what 5G could bring. By 2021, it is estimated that 29 billion connected devices will be in use. Most of them shine out by connecting to robots, windows, clothes, and toothbrushes and communicating with sensors without using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Experts say that many machines that can be used without any need to connect to the network will enter our lives.

About 5G

– South Korea, which has the fastest internet in the world, focuses on 5G instead of 4G.

– Last year, the country invested $1.5 billion in this area.

– The EU plans to invest $8 billion for the system to be commissioned in 2020.

-5G is expected to be a thousand times faster than 4G. Only 5G will be able to meet the number of devices and required bandwidth that will increase along with the Internet of Things (IoT).

– Smart and unmanned vehicle technology will be possible with 5G and later technologies.

– Operating systems in devices such as computers, tablets, and mobile phones will become history.

– The devices will get all the information including the operating system through cloud computing. The problem of speed on the internet will soon disappear.


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