In order to take maximum advantage of the changing world’s opportunities, SMEs must be ready to integrate into new technology systems at all times. Therefore, thinking that a training support will be a great facilitator for SMEs, we give certificates by providing trainings on the use of our software.

The software support we offer for SMEs and production managers, which place production monitoring system activities to the center of their business, is included in the daily work plan in terms of productivity. Production managers who want to get the most out of this software, which needs to be used every day, must be competent. Making use of the production monitoring system integrated with the system at maximum level means producing more in terms of quantity and quality.

Learn how to transform emerging technology into opportunities

Sectors that are under the influence of the 4th Generation Industrial Revolution today have to transform the Internet, which connects everything, into an opportunity rather than a chaos. Using traditional means of production, control, and analysis, means not using the opportunities of the time and falling into a powerless position against competitors who get more powerful with the help of these opportunities.

As Proente, we become the business solution partner of the plants and through the Prowmes software solution that we offer, we support them to gain power in the sector. Thanks to real-time and accurate data on production, production managers have the opportunity to realize what needs to be improved or strengthened in the production process.

We are making sure that our products are 100% effective by providing a training on the meanings of the data, how to analyze these data in the most effective way, using it in determining needs, and developing solutions that will increase productivity. With the importance, we attach to empowerment together with the SMEs we work with and as a result of the certification program we share with our knowledge and experience, the production managers become more independent in making analyses.

Ever-growing sales chart through 24/7 monitoring

By the help of the cloud-based software, production facilities that can be monitored 24/7 live are intervened in time to prevent losses. In order for this process to be successfully managed, executives must be sure that they read the data in the most accurate way. We aim to do this with the training we offer to our partners.

The production managers, who quickly and accurately analyze the data provided by the software, have the opportunity to manage the teams effectively and achieve continuous success in terms of quality, continuity, stock, and production.