Prowmes, one of the products offered by Proente’s partners, primarily aims to meet the production management system needs of SMEs. Providing the necessary data to increase the productivity in production, Prowmes analyzes the data and helps them to reach solution offers.

Prowmes stands for Proactive Web Based Manufacturing Execution System and being a web-based application is one of its most important features. With Prowmes, which benefits from the opportunities of cloud technology, production managers have the chance to reach all data from all over the world – just as it is claimed in the slogan of Prowmes;

“Connect Your Plant Anywhere & Anytime”

Well, if we look more closely, what exactly does the Prowmes system provide to SMEs? The SMEs who integrate Prowmes to their plants can monitor the following information through their smart phones, tablet PCs or computers:

  • production plans,
  • operator history,
  • production amount,
  • how much more production should be made,
  • amount of shrinkage,
  • number of solid products,
  • which machines are operating,
  • which machines have stopped.

With Prowmes, which provides continuous and accurate data, the managers realize the points to be improved timely, and in this respect, they have the chance to improve the production process.

Both productivity and production follow up increases

With Prowmes, SMEs are able to monitor a large number of information live such as; OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness), MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), changes in production plan, defective products, and the total number of products manufactured. Production managers who have instant access to the general status reports of the plant can also access retrospective reports. In this way, they can easily determine how much efficiency is achieved in each product. Managers who can easily collect data with Prowmes, which provides a successful production management process, get the most accurate needs analysis. As a result, not only production with the least shrinkage but also customer satisfaction is ensured due to the quality products. This creates loyal customers.

Setup Cost = 0

Providing great advantages with systematic reporting, Prowmes offers a great opportunity for customers in terms of cost. As the system is leasable, there is no setup cost and SMEs who integrate Prowmes start to make profit in short-term and compensate the costs.

Prowmes is a system developed using cutting-edge hardware as well as software in information technologies. Prowmes, which prevents loss in production or unnecessary consumption of raw materials, offers great convenience thanks to its quick set-up and easy configuration. In addition, the system, which can be operated with very low electric power, benefits from energy and provides reports without increasing energy consumption.

You can get detailed information about Prowmes through website.