Instead of Fearing from Industry 4.0, We Should Look For the Benefits of this Era

Instead of Fearing from Industry 4.0, We Should Look For the Benefits of this Era

When it comes to industry 4.0 and transformation, most enterprises resist change, fearing that they are not familiar with it and that the highlighted factors can be adopted through complex systems, which require sizable investments.

In the current system, if it is possible to make sale and the company has been in service for many years and can make profit, the general approach is that there is no need to disrupt it. However, the changing competition and market conditions can reverse the good indicators in a very short time, and when the enterprise is convinced to adopt necessary transformation, there may not be enough time for the investments. It is best not to stay away from transformation but to know its benefits and start working immediately with the most suitable model for your enterprise

Below are some of the major benefits that this era brought to us. We believe that we will see much more of these benefits that we talked about in our modern businesses.

Increasing Efficiency with Optimization and Automation

We can say that the first fundamental benefit of the industry 4.0 transformation is to keep the automation and optimization in the forefront and create new business models if necessary, to make the industry more efficient, faster, and more customer-centric. We can also see that the side benefits such as the reduction of mistakes and correspondingly the reduction of losses and increase of profit, can come into question for enterprises. Similarly, an effective inventory management that can be made in regard to production planning and by using the real-time data obtained and processed in a production line with automation, will be beneficial by reducing both storage and supply chain costs to a minimum.

A Sustainable Business Model with Advanced Monitoring and Management

When we say digital conversion, data management, which is almost included in every subject, is the star in terms of understanding, processing, monitoring, managing, and maintaining the data. Many technological infrastructures and systems that have become widespread with Industry 4.0 also contribute to the detection of operational problems before they occur, or to get to the bottom of the problem in a shorter period of time. This leads to less time-consuming operation and more production.



Products with Higher Quality

In a world where customer demands can be taken until the product’s completion stage, system integrations and data structures that can be shaped according to customer needs can be made on the production band, the resulting products are also described as higher quality on the market.

As factories get smarter by force of transformation, the flow of information between machine-machine-human also develops due to the use of robots. In the near future, eliminating the mistakes will be aimed in unmanned factories.

Better Living and Working Conditions

Particularly with the development of sensor technologies, preventive systems have also moved to a different dimension in the sense of occupational safety. In a structure that minimizes the risks posed by the human factor regarding the checkpoints and continuously monitors, analyzes, interprets and determines the problematic situations before they occur, employees can also serve on more secure conditions.

Also, in Community 5.0, created by new employees who need to keep pace with new technologies, the education and trainings of people help them produce more qualified ideas.

Incoming Corporate Culture Change through Customized, Personalized, and Flexible Production

Customer needs that can be met with agile, scalable, and flexible structures provide both customer satisfaction and situations that need to be considered differently for the enterprise at every turn. At this point, the approach of searching for new and improving continuously can be adopted as corporate culture in the business.

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