As Proente, we support the production with the 4th Industrial Revolution and we offer consulting services to our business partners with the goal of achieving harmony and increasing efficiency. By using technological developments in an appropriate and functional way for the industry, we lead the way to the establishment of factories and companies that keep up with Industry 4.0.

How does our consulting service work?

We support the SMEs for the interpretation of data, who aim to achieve the most efficient production possible by using our technical product, which consists of the software and hardware that we named Prowmes. By creating a common language between Prowmes and the production management team, we ensure that real-time and continuously accessible data is used to increase production and improve quality.

As Proente, we care that the services we offer for our partners give facilitate their lives and increase profitability. For this reason, we continue our partnership after the installation and guarantee that the production efficiency will increase with technical or employment oriented suggestions.

Productivity increasing solutions with Industry 4.0

We are aware that the increase in production efficiency means a positive change not only in quantity but also in quality. By blending this knowledge with our sectoral experience, we offer tailor-made solutions for SMEs. Thus, we make it possible to make more production without increasing costs and to set a higher standard in product quality.

We know that SMEs should keep pace with the Industry 4.0 period and in order to realize this we provide them consultancy precisely during this transformation. We provide SMEs the necessary support to let them learn and benefit from the industry just like the smartphones in our pockets. By this way, production management teams come up, that benefit thoroughly from the opportunities of the latest Industrial Revolution and manage to keep the operation under control regardless of time and place restrictions.

By establishing a step closer to communication with the digital world that has become part of our life, we are building a production system that directly benefits from the digital world. For the best performance of the companies, beside reducing the costs we also increase the profitability by ensuring continuous improvement in all areas from the employees to the operation of the machines.

During this transformation, we act as a bridge between virtual and real world by working with our partners who need support to make the most right steps and adapt to the process.