December 2017

Recent researches

Recent researches have shown that the Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) is on the path of rapid growth. Here are the new trends that companies should know from Proente: The past few years, the network of wireless smart devices that provide wireless communications over the internet, or in other words Internet of Things, showed an increase. Even though the media attention is more focused on consumer goods, the most exciting innovations in the Internet of Things, allow companies, which are [...]

History of Internet of Things

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been integrated into everyday life as a concept that we have been hearing recently and can continue to hear in the future. Sensors and communication circuits are names given to the network created by all physical devices connected to each other or to internet through software. It is based on the principle that devices can interact with each other without a human factor in between. The Internet has had a direct impact [...]

What do we Gain with the Digital Twin Technology?

The special digital models, which we call “digital twin”, can be seen as one of the advantages offered by the developments in technology. Under normal conditions, problem detection, studies for productivity enhancement, and decision-making mechanisms were based on real machines, tools, and human data found in the physical environment. While even collecting detailed data on these issues was limited in most of the enterprises, setting the “smart decision-making” process and building data-based methods could mislead enterprises in certain points. Because, [...]

We will Use Fog when Cloud Falls Short

Even though Cloud technologies are so new in our lives, and the productivity, benefits, and requirements of these technologies are still questioned by many businesses, in November 2015, the OpenFog Consortium founded with the support of ARM, Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, and Princeton University brought a whole new perspective to these technologies. (1) We can see that the simplest example of the reflection of cloud technology in our daily life in mobile many application information that we do not keep [...]