December 2017

Enterprise MES (Manufacturing Execution System) Moves to the Cloud

For at least twenty years, the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has been the key element of the factories, coordinating all operations from monitoring inventory to managing quality control. Perhaps it had started in a production line and then spread to the whole plant. Over the years, we have seen that MES became a mature and sophisticated system that can manage many facilities around the world. MES has earned the right to be recognized as a strategic global system by [...]

Instead of Fearing from Industry 4.0, We Should Look For the Benefits of this Era

When it comes to industry 4.0 and transformation, most enterprises resist change, fearing that they are not familiar with it and that the highlighted factors can be adopted through complex systems, which require sizable investments. In the current system, if it is possible to make sale and the company has been in service for many years and can make profit, the general approach is that there is no need to disrupt it. However, the changing competition and market conditions can [...]

What does Industry 4.0 Mean for Work Force?

How technological and industrial changeovers will change the business world, especially the conditions of workers, has always been a matter of debate since the invention of steam engines. As in all changes, the pessimists argue that there will no longer be a need for people and machines will replace people, whereas the optimists say that change is irresistible, it holds a positive dimension for people/humanity, and that this change will transform us as well and they claim that the [...]

Question the Knowledge and Put it in the Order of Priority

In an environment where the digital revolution prevails, the speed of information sharing, the frequency and intensity of news or data are much different than it used to be. Within this flow and speed, it is crucial to distinguish meaningful data from meaningless, to question how valid and reliable the data is, and ultimately to reach the meaningful whole through the data we have, both for corporate and individual life. After all, one of the important components of the [...]