About Us

As Proente, we offer solutions that will maximize efficiency by transforming the production at the factories with the latest technology. By offering solutions based on real-time data, we encourage companies we cooperate to gain competitive advantages, thereby increasing their performance.

‘Production Management’ that keeps up with modern age to reach ‘Maximum Efficiency’

As Proente, we are the most crucial part in the production management required in the factories operating in different sectors for reaching maximum efficiency. The companies we cooperate familiarize themselves with the Industrial Revolution, the new era called Industry 4.0, and have the chance to progress with firmer steps by updating traditional production models. They keep up with the changing world and increase their profitability by establishing their factories with maximum efficiency.

As we attach much importance to R&D, we, as Proente, develop ourselves and enable our partners to participate in this process. We believe in the power of growing together and continuously update our software to meet the needs of our partners. By blending the technology with our technical and practical experience, we are expanding our perspective day by day.

Continuous Data Flow, Accurate Analysis

One of the most important steps in increasing product efficiency is to produce continuous and accurate data. Thanks to our cloud-based products, production management teams can monitor the system by looking at data at any time they want, regardless of where they are. Thus, we provide first-hand support for strengthening production by having factories monitored 24/7.

We do not leave our partners, whom we support in moving forward in a competitive environment, alone even after a quick and trouble-free installation. Through our integrated work, we are able to identify the needs of our partners and prevent their problems before they emerge.

As Proente, one of the points we attach great importance is that the data we present can be understood easily. First, we provide necessary trainings and make sure that our partners who receive 360-degree consultancy benefit from our software 100%.

Conclusion: Loyal Customer and Increase in Sales

Our partners, who have the chance to draw up a map of the necessary improvements with production analysis, do not just increase their production, they also deliver quality products systematically. This ensures customer satisfaction and strengthens brand perception. In turn, this becomes a great advantage in price competition. Factories that have decreased their faulty product ratio benefit from their raw materials efficiently.