What does Proente Do for You?

Catch the Industry 4.0 Age with Proente Solutions that will Increase Your Productivity!


As Proente team that supports the production with the results of the Industrial Revolution, we offer consultancy services to our business partners with the aim of harmonization and increasing efficiency.


The software support we provide for the SMEs and production managers, which places the production monitoring system at the center of their work, is included in the daily work plan in terms of productivity.


Managers who can easily collect data with Prowmes, which provides a successful production management process, get the most accurate needs analysis.

Continuous Data

One of the most important steps is to increase the production efficiency to achieve continuous and accurate data.

Correct Analysis

As Proente, one of the points we attach great importance to, is that the presented data are understandable.

Production Management

We are the most important step in the production management work required for factories operating in different sectors to reach maximum productivity.

Maximum Productivity

The factories we cooperate with get familiar with the 4th Industrial Revolution and continue their way with more confident steps by updating their production models.


As Proente, with the importance we attach to R&D studies, we develop ourselves and enable our partners to participate in this process.

Industry 4.0 Period in Your Factory

As Proente team, we offer solutions that will maximize productivity by bringing the production of factories together with the latest technology.

By offering solutions based on real-time data, we encourage companies to gain competitive advantage by increasing the performance of companies we collaborate.

We are the most important step in the production management work required for factories operating in different sectors to reach maximum productivity.


More Productive Production with Prowmes

Instant Reporting

It instantly monitors and reports your running or stopped machines and production plans.

Bottleneck Analysis

It analyzes and informs you about the processes and bottlenecks that need to be improved.

Workforce Management

It ensures the correct use and management of your workforce and time.

Automatic Warning

It automatically generates reports on efficiency and fault conditions and makes the necessary warnings.

Waste Prevention

It enables cost analysis to be done correctly and prevents waste.

Lean Production

Thanks to cloud technology, you can instantly access the reports you need for efficiency at any time and from anywhere.

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